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July 2022

Dear Friends, 

We have the permit! Renovation has started. Her Place transitional home for women is coming. 

Since we began our Capital Campaign in April of 2020 you, our magnificent donors have gifted us with $740,000.00. We have spent $271,852.00 on purchasing the house, city fees, insurance, taxes (for which we have filed an abatement since we are a 501(c)3 organization), inspections, lawn mowing, tree cutting, and demolition. Thank you. 

During these two plus years our mantra has been: in God’s time. I’ll add another that my brother used to tell me: patience is a virtue. We are working on having patience with God’s timing. 

As I stand on the grounds of Her Place, I imagine several women outside with me. One is interested in growing flowers and is clipping buds to take inside, another walks to the vegetable patch where she chooses the vegetables that we will cook that evening, someone else is taking kitchen scraps to the compost bin, and another is simply sitting in the shade of the big tree savoring the peace and quiet. Inside women will be engaged in morning chores: cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, dusting, or loading the washing machine with their week’s laundry. The residents of Her Place will have opportunities to learn life skills in an environment of peace, safety, and acceptance. There will be opportunities for discovering talents, focusing on potential jobs, creating a resume, and understanding how to conduct oneself at a job interview. I know this will come to fruition- in God’s time. 

I met with two women this week who would be wonderful candidates for Her Place. Each is living in a local emergency shelter. One is on disability and needs a safe place to stay and save some money for a home of her own. She had just spent some time in jail on a drug charge. Because Social Security kept paying her disability while she was incarcerated, she now must pay back over $3,000.00 to Social Security. Last month she did not get a check. She has no family, no place to live, and so she is in the shelter for a maximum of 90 days. She leaves the shelter in the morning and cannot return until evening. She knows she made a bad mistake, and she wants to move forward with her life, but she is hampered by a treatable mental illness, no savings, and no current income. She is young enough to take advantage of all we will have to offer at Her Place. I wanted to tell her about it, but we are at least six months out from opening and I did not want to offer something she cannot have. Again, I need patience. 

The other woman is someone I have known for several years. She came by the Outreach Office where I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays, and she simply wanted to tell me she is now clean and sober. She has just celebrated four months and is clear eyed and alert – I’d never seen her this way. She is 55 years old and is temporarily staying in the women’s emergency shelter. She told me how she left her longtime boyfriend because he is still doing drugs. She knows she cannot go back to the old neighborhood. She still struggles each day with the pull of the drugs, but each day she prays and remembers what she was once like and how good she feels now. She is taking life one day at a time. She is on disability and wants to find a place to live. She is not ready to be on her own. She needs time: time to learn to love herself, time to see that she is loved by her God just as she is, time to understand how people have used her and abused her, and time to learn to live this new life she has been given. I wanted to tell her about Her Place, but I need to be patient. 

While many of the Truck of Love resources are going to the creation of Her Place, I still get phone calls from people in need of emergency assistance. A 62-year-old woman, Beth, called to ask for help paying two nights for a motel room. She had come here from another state to help her sister who had cancer. Beth spent all her savings on caring for her sister and when she died, Beth was left with only her Social Security check and no place to stay. She landed in a local motel and the day she called me she said she had just gotten a job at Mc Donald’s to supplement her meager income. She needed a couple of nights rent for the motel until her check came in from Social Security. She has no car but can walk to Mc Donald’s for work. Additionally, she was applying to work at Home Depot which also was within walking distance. 

Another call came from Cherry. She explained she was living with her brother who was withholding food and money from her. She had come to visit and had taken ill and had been hospitalized for several weeks. After listening to her long, convoluted story, I made the decision to help her return to her home in Florida. I purchased her plane ticket and I decided I could drive her to the airport. However, when I arrived to pick her up, she had a little yapping dog in a carrying case. The airline would not let her near the airplane. I could not drive her on another day, but a caseworker from another local agency helped her the following day by sedating the dog and paying for her extra bag. She arrived at the safety of her Florida home with our combined efforts. 

I am deeply grateful to each of you and your support of the work of Truck of Love. You are changing lives. 

God bless you,


On March 25 and 26 our family and friends gathered here in Rock Hill, South Carolina to celebrate Pete’s life. We were humbled by the number of people who flew in from California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, New Mexico, and other places. Many friends drove hours to get here. We had a glorious celebration of Pete’s life. We were able to stream the services on our parish’s Facebook page: St. Mary Catholic Church, Rock Hill. If you didn’t get a chance to view the services, they are still available on the Facebook page – just scroll down to the dates. You can also view highlights on the Truck of Love webpage: Pete has gone to his reward, but Truck of Love and his dream of Her Place are a huge part of his legacy.
We thank each of you for your support during these past months. Your prayers, cards, calls, and presence have enriched all our lives.


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