Truck of Love Ministries Ministry

What is the Truck of Love?


Truck of Love is a small organization headed by one man, Pete Fullerton. Truck of Love serves some of the poorest people in our community in and around Rock Hill, South Carolina. Truck of Love also provides funding for a children’s day camp founded by Truck of Love more than 30 years ago on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Southeast Arizona.


Who is the Truck of Love?


These days Truck of Love activities center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Founded by Gordon Stewart in California, Pete and Sue Fullerton took it on after Gordon’s death. Through the years there have been hundreds of volunteers who have helped keep Truck of Love going.To learn more about the history and the people served check Pete's Corner and Sue's Corner.


How We Serve Our Communities


Wherever we are we attempt to say yes to the needs of the people we encounter. The families we currently serve are in need of food, clothing, clean water, cooking fuel, clothing, medical assistance, car repairs, etc. We serve people who fall through the cracks of society. We supplement what they can provide for themselves. We walk with them as they attempt to improve their lives.


If you would like to donate to the Truck of Love and be a vehicle for positive change, please contact us. We SURVIVE on the generous donations from people like you!







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